How to Read your New Water Meter

The Mobile Area Water and Sewer System has recently upgraded its water meter system. Knowing how to read these new automated water meters will help you manage your water usage and alert you of a possible leak. To better understand how to read your new water meter, follow these simple and easy steps.

What is a Water Meter?

Water meters are used to measure how much water you are consuming. This is measured in gallons, and the usage will be displayed in a series of numbers. 

What’s Different?

The Mobile Area Water and Sewer System’s new automated meters send radio signal readings to their business offices. The department receives these figures, and then configures an amount based on your usage. These new meters will provide customers not only with faster readings, but more accurate readings as well. This new technology omits the need for someone to have to physically visit your home for a reading.

How to Read the Meter:

Your new water meter is very easy to read. The numbers on the register will look similar to a car odometer. If you would like, have a copy of your bill on hand so you can compare the figures. Use these three simple steps to read your new water meter:

  • Locate your water meter. The meter should be located in the front yard of your home near the street or sidewalk. It will be stored in a concrete box with a top that can be easily removed.
  • Open the lid to activate the display.
  • Read the digits starting from the left-to-right. These digits represent the number of gallons of water that have passed through the meter. Note: The lid shuts off after 30 seconds. If you need to reactivate your water meter, simply close the lid and reopen it. 

Notifications and Alarms:

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, the new water meters now have notifications and alarms to help make it simple and straight-forward. A flag, bell or battery symbol means your meter is reporting an issue.

  • A flag means an issue happened recently.
  • A bell means an issue is happening now.
  • A battery means there’s a power issue.

Reading your meter each month will give you a better understanding of your water usage. This will allow you to make adjustments to your consumption and possibly save money on your next water bill. 
If you have questions about your new water meter, please do not hesitate to contact the staff at the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System. The Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) has proudly served residents and businesses in the Mobile area for over 50 years.

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