MAWSS in the Community

For over 60 years, the Mobile Area Water and Sewer System (MAWSS) has been providing water and sewer resources to the industries and citizens of Mobile. By delivering an average of 41 million gallons of water daily, MAWSS exceeds its efforts to provide residents quality water and sewer services. MAWSS also plays an active role in the community by participating in events that serve to educate residents about the importance of clean drinking water.

Recognition by the Chamber 

Recently, MAWSS was recognized by the Mobile Chamber of Commerce as a Rev. Wesley A. James Minority Business Advocate. This award is given to local organizations who support the growth and sustainability of minority businesses in Mobile.

MAWSS Citizens Water Academy

The Citizens Water Academy is an exciting program designed for anyone who wants to learn more about how our water and sewer systems work. Participants will receive instruction on our history and our role in maintaining the demand for water in the community. Graduates of the program go on to become community ambassadors, spreading the word about our water system and improvements to the infrastructure. There is no cost to attend the program and attendees will gain valuable knowledge about our “Keep Water Working” campaign.

Educational and Environmental Projects 

MAWSS understands the impact we have on our environment and how our decisions affect our water quality. By participating in many educational and environmental community events throughout the year, we have the opportunity to spread the message about preserving our water system. Our mascot, Willie Water, serves as our ambassador at family friendly events in the area. We also offer student groups a tour of our facility so they can understand the treatment process.

Neighbors in Need 

MAWSS and Mobile Community Action, Inc. work together to help those members of the community who may have trouble paying for water and sewer services. Neighbors in Need is a program designed to assist families who need assistance paying for water and sewer service.  MAWSS contributes an annual amount to program and encourages customers to make a small donation to the program when paying their bill. The programs helps anyone who may be on a fixed income such as disabled veterans, senior citizens and single mothers.

MAWSS is committed to providing residents the best quality drinking water and sanitary sewer system needs. Through our engagement with the community, MAWSS can succeed in its efforts to educate and inform the public about the importance and value of water. If you want to learn about MAWSS and how you can help with our environmental efforts, please contact a member of our team today. 

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