Protecting Our Watershed

Mobile Area Water and Sewer System takes the actions deemed necessary to protect our water. They work with several foundations to make this possible, such as The Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Project, Alabama Coastal Foundation and Alabama Coastal Cleanup. Here’s what these foundations do to help contribute to protecting our watershed. 

The Royal Bank of Canada Blue Water Project 

RBC Blue Water Project helps fund and support projects that focus on helping protect watersheds and promote safe drinking water. Their main focus is to educate on the value of water and the vulnerability of water resources. 

Alabama Coastal Foundation

Another foundation that helps protect our watershed is the Alabama Coastal Foundation, founded in 1993. This non-profit organization focuses on protecting and improving southern Alabama’s coastal resources. ACF orchestrates educational resources for habitat and student amplification in the Mobile, Baldwin and Washington County areas. 

Alabama Coastal Cleanup 

Alabama Coastal Cleanup brings awareness to how litter not only affects the water we drink, but endangers our wildlife and marine habitat as well. They discourage littering at Big Creek Lake by posting signs throughout the area and holding an annual volunteer event every September. This event encourages individuals to come out and clean up litter in support of clean drinking water. 

Want to get involved? You can help protect our watershed by doing any of the following:

  • Report illegal dumping
  • Don’t pour grease down the drain
  • Limit pesticide use
  • Properly dispose of household trash

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